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GT card
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GT card is a rechargeable international calling card which you can instanly recharge at almost every convenience store in Japan. GT card offers great advantages, allowing you to share your balance with your friends and families and to send SMS oversea.

As well as discount call charge, GT card is a 24-hour flat rates and No registration fee required!

The combination of speed dial and straight dial makes it faster and easier to reach your friends!

GT card is not just a calling card.You can enjoy useful functions such as Load sharing and SMS service.

With Online service, you can enjoy more advantages of GT card such as the balance inquiry, call history inquiry and credit card charge.

More you use, more you save. Enjoy benefits of GT card such as referring friends and free minutes on certain amount charges. 10% of Total accumulated load on GT card will be applied as your Access TV subscription discount for the next month!!

Total calling minutes per 2000 yen
\500 FREE BONUS upon \10,000 Recharge!
What is CHARGE?
It is a prepaid system that the call charge is deducted from the balance of your card. GT card can be recharged through SmartPit payment at almost all convenience stores in japan and by the credit card. Compared to the bill payment that charge you all later, you can budget your phone bill better to prevent overspending. Unlike the other disposal prepaid card, GT card can be used as many as you want and it saves you the trouble of getting another card.
*You can recharge GT card through credit card payment from your mobile or PC. Sign up for 'AUTO RECHARGE' and you no longer need to worry about lack of your credit while calling!
Acceptable credit cards are: VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX - We only accept credit cards issued in Japan. - Most (re)charges will take approximately five minutes to process.
LAWSON/Family Mart/Three F/Mini stop/ Sankus/Circle K

HOW TO PAY(Charge)
Three F/Mini stop/Sankus/Circle K
1.Take your GT card to any one of the authorized convenience stores above.
2.Present the bar code at the cashier and pay.
3.You can instantly make a call from a mobile or home phone after paying.

LAWSON or Family Mart
Use the "Loppi or Fami Port" machine. Push SmartPit button,input the SmartPit No. and get the payment order slip. Present this at the counter and give your payment. .

Coupon payment is available at any of the convenience stores below.(Please order the coupons. We will send you the registered coupons with your name printed on it.)
Seven Eleven/AMPM/YAMAZAKI Daily Store/Daily YAMAZAKI/Community Store/Coco store/POPLAR/Seicomart/HOT SPAR/SAVE ON

Send SMS(Text Service)
You can send SMS from your mobile phone to abroad. (Applicable areas: Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore)
*Just \20 per message(160 letters) to the Philippines.
Load Transfer
The Load Transfer feature allows you to transfer credits from your GT card to another cards or to mobile phones abroad.

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